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NEW!!! REQUIREMENTS ART AL VENT 2014 (english version)

The culture department of the Town Hall of Gata de Gorgos with the local school “Plàstica Experimental A. Vives” organise the Eleventh Exhibition of ART AL VENT.


1. - This exhibition is opened to all artists, without any limitation of age, nationality, sex or education. Participation can be individual or collective.
2. - The works must follow this exhibition’s principles; which are a reflection or interpretation of the traditional bedspreads that have been use through the centuries to decorate Gata de Gorgos balconies.
3. - The concept is basically to reflect about the textile world. The cloth, once finished, must be able to be folded and flexible to the wind effects.
4. - Works will be excluded if:
            -They are too heavy.
            -They have an excessive domain of painting or sculpture.
            -They cannot be folded easily.
            -They have elements that easily loose.
5. - All the techniques are accepted, following the above principles but subject to the following considerations:
            - All works will be exhibited outside, with all its climatic conditions.
            - The cloth can be cut, dyed, different materials can be stuck (not voluminous and adapted to the textile concept); but the dimensions can never be cut or extended.
            -If painting is used, it will be applied directly on the fabric without any primer.
6. - The Town Hall will provide the cloth, by sending it free. If any author wants to make himself the cloth, this must meet the following characteristics: cotton canvas ecru 250x163cm. All sides will be sewed to avoid fraying. Works will be placed vertically from a balcony. The cloth will have 7 strips sewed, following the model attached to suit the structure of the balconies. The strips’ length will be 44 cm by 1,5 cm wide. To present works with other media or without fulfilling the conditions of the strips, will be a reason for exclusion from the sample.

Cloth model
7. - The authors have to fill and send by e-mail their inscription and their acceptance of ART AL VENT X conditions to participate. Without the inscription filled and signed the works will not be accepted.
            - The inscription form will be sent in a different document.
            - The form has to be filled and sent with the signature scanned and attached as an image.
            -Do NOT complete the form by hand and scan it to send it as an image.
            -The forms will be sent as a Word document and will have as subject: Art al Vent X inscription.
            -Filled forms will be sent to this e-mail address:
            -The last day to send the inscription will be the 13 th december 2013.

8. – Those people who ask for a cloth and then not participate may not do so again in the next three years.
9. – On 15th January 2014 the Organisation will sent fabrics to those who have requested it. Once the cloth has been receipt and the work finished, a picture of the whole piece ant other of detail must be e-mailed. Also the necessary technical data that have to be e-mailed are:
            - The author’s or team name.
            - Work’s Title.
            - Materials.
            - Complete address and telephone.
            - Post code.
            - Nationality.
            - Web site and/or e-mail address.
These data and the photograph will be sent before 10th April 2014 and are essential to becoming part of the selection process. They will be sent to the email address:

10. – There are 120 balconies. In the case that works exceeded this figure, a jury will be constituted. This jury will be composed by two personalities from the world of contemporary art appointed by the teacher of the Municipal School of Experimental Plastic A. Vives de Gata de Gorgos and another personality with the same features appointed by the Town Hall of Gata. The secretaries of the jury will be the Councillor for Culture and the school teacher, Ginestar. Minutes will be written and resolutions will be adopted by a simple majority. Selected people will be advised to proceed to the mailing of their works.

11. – On 24th.  April 2014, the jury’s verdict shall be communicated to the participants. Selected authors must send their works.
            - All authors will pay the mailing of their works to the Town Hall of Gata de Gorgos.
            - The last day to receive the works will be on 21st June 2014.
            - In the top back of the fabric the author’s name, title and website or email must appear.
            - Works must be sent properly folded. Rolled fabrics will not be accepted.
            - Works will be sent to the following address:
            Concejalía de Cultura. Ayuntamiento de Gata de Gorgos.
            C/ de la Duquessa d’Almodóvar, 3 – 03740 Gata de Gorgos.

12. - A catalogue will be edited with all the works. Each participant will receive 5 copies.
13. - Those wanting a participation certificate will have to ask for it to
14. - Once the exhibition circuit finishes, the works will be sent to their authors by refund, if they tell it. The authors who do not take their works before 30 th. December 2015 will lose ownership of the works, and will become part of Town Hall plastic collection.
15. - From the collection until the devolution, the rights of using the works will be of the Town Hall; that means their custody, handle, diffusion and promotion.
16. - The Council will not be responsible of the possible degradation or damage because of the climatic effects.  Any responsibility or compensation can be ask to the Town Hall.
17. - The artists will not receive money for participating in Art al Vent X. They will be always the owners of their works.
18. - The opening will be the 14 th August 2013 at 19:00 h. in the Town Hall of Gata.
19. - The participation implies to accept these bases. The jury’s decision will be irrevocable.
            Those interested in attending the opening must check before if any change of the opening ceremony has been made, by contacting this email address:
            All the works forming part of the circuit ART AL VENT X, will be exhibited at the Exhibition Hall of Reales Atarazanas de Valencia.
Further information and participation:

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XI ART AL VENT: Inscripcions on-line


Nos gustaría invitaros a participar en esta nueva edición de la exposición de Arte Textil.

Este año, como novedad, la solicitud de participación será vía Internet, desde la nueva página web, donde también podréis descargaros las bases.



Ens agradaria convidar-vos a participar en aquesta nova edició de l'exposició d'Art Tèxtil.

Aquest any, com a novetat, la sol·licitud de participació serà via Internet, des de la nova pàgina web, on també podreu descarregar-vos les bases.



We would like inviting you to participate in the 11th. "Art al Vent", our Textile Art Exhibition.

This year you must sign on in the new Web Site. There you can download the requirements too.


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La inauguración de la X Edición de “Art al Vent”, tendrá lugar el viernes 9 de agosto, a las 19 horas, en la Sala de Plenos del Ayuntamiento de Gata de Gorgos.
A continuación se celebrará una cena. El precio de la cena es de 12€. Las personas interesadas en asistir deberán confirmar su asistencia al teléfono 649991904 (Vicent – Pastelería La Pau)

La inauguració de la X Edició de “Art al Vent”, tindrà lloc el divendres 9 d'agost, a les 19 hores, a la Sala de Plens del Ajuntament de Gata de Gorgos.
A continuació se celebrarà un sopar. El preu del sopar és de 12€. Les persones interessades a assistir hauran de confirmar la seva assistència al telèfon 649991904 (Vicent – Pastisseria La Pau)

The inauguration of the X edition of "Art al Vent" will take place on Friday 9 of August, at 7:00 PM, in the Sala de Plenos of the Town Hall of Gata de Gorgos.
Following the inauguration there will be a dinner. The price of the dinner is 12€. Those interested in attend must confirm their attendance calling to the phone 649991904 (Vicent – Pastelería La Pau)

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Art al Vent X se pone en marcha. Adjuntamos las bases que aconsejamos leer bien.
Las comunicaciones relacionadas con este evento se realizarán a través de esta cuenta de correo
Abrazos a todos,

Art al Vent X es posa en marxa. Adjuntem les bases que aconsellem llegir bé.

Les comunicacions relacionades amb aquest esdeveniment es realitzaran a través d'aquest compte de correu.

Abraçades a tots,

Art al Vent X starts. Attached are the bases. Please read the bases well.
All communications regarding this event will be through this email account.
Best regards,

Isabel Soler

Josep GInestar




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